Day 2 coachella - vintage slip
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what are your favorite online clothing stores? your style is amazing!

thank you so much!!!!! <3<3<3 I like nastygal and wasteland sometimes, but honestly I don’t buy that much stuff online!!! recently I only really go to flea markets- but I buy majority of shoes online and i usually go to solestruck

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just bought a tshirt of charlies dating profile from sunny HAHAH 

megan!! you always look so mature and i want so badly to be. do you have any tips for looking/acting older or more mature? thank you and i love your style!

AH thank you so much!! recently ive been in situations where its come in handy that I act more maturely hahahha, but my tips are …. don’t be super loud (thats like an immediate give away that you are young), don’t giggle a lot and do other weird shit like that, honestly when you are talking to older people just act NORMAlly and ask them only reasonable questions…also don’t dumb yourself down. BUt DON’t talk about things like you know all about them if you really dont because that could end up embarassing for you. but thank you very much, but trust me, sometimes I wish I could just go back tto being like 10 years old ahaha 

I want to sleep for a week. just a solid week of laying in bed without having to do anything 

if i dont like u im not afraid to let you know


Spent the early hours of this morning watching the #Bali sunrise and working poolside. #yesman (at The Balé Nusa Dua)
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Me gusta | Tumblr unter We Heart It.
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