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sry u weren’t invited 2 my pool party
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ty segall concert tonight <3 

What would u wear on the first day of school?

i would get full headed cornrows and then i would wear baggy light wash ripped jeans w a white cropped tshirt w my doc marten clarissas. 2 bad i have no time to get cornrowed before next week  

What would you get a tattoo of?


What are your favorite restaurants / coffee shops in LA? I'm visiting soon and I'd love some recommendations :) xox

restaurants- cecconis, gracias madre, sqirl,little next door, joans on third, the bazaar by jose andres, craigs, maybe try the ivy

coffee- alfred, coffee comissary, the bourgeois pig, intelligentsia, the punchbowl  ( smoothie) 

Fall and winter must haves??

trench/ duster, fur coat, satin bomber jacket, jeans with rips in both knees,   oversized flannels, many black platform boots. 

favourite books?

a clockwork orange, rules and civility, the outsiders, 

can my mom please leave the room i am trying to subtly steal money from her 


God damn, Jack Kilmer
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